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Photo by M.T ElGassier on Unsplash

5 Bullet Friday - Let Go of the Past and Kick Off the New Year with These Top 5 Successful Tips 


1.De-clutter Both Figuratively and Literally - By mentally letting go of things you can’t change or control, and freeing your mind from the things or places that cause you physical and mental stress, you will feel so much lighter and happier. 

To physically de-clutter and clean out your home or personal space, I personally love these organizers from Amazon foldable storage cubes because their not too big so they don’t take up too much space, but they’re also not too small where they won’t fit random things like clean socks, or underwear. 

To get my home to be dust-free and free from small crumbs, (side note: being a mom of a 2 year old, you’d be surprised at how many items your child can find that can’t be seen with the naked eye!) I love having my iRobot take care of all the night time sweeping duties and get rid of any dust particles on the ground. It may be a little expensive, but it literally just runs around the house when you turn it on and once it's done, it parks itself back on it’s charger. 

2.Set Small Realistic Goals - like really small. I mean what you’re going to do from 7am to 7:30am, and so on. The reason behind this is that when the goal can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes, you are more likely to get it done and feel motivated to cross it off your to-do list. You obviously know what your ultimate goal is - finish an essay, complete a project for example, but what I have trouble doing is breaking the goal down into mini goals. Once I started doing that, it felt like I got more done than I expected and it usually turns out better than I thought!

3.Download an App to Help Me to Not Miss a Prayer - We all know the basis of being a Muslim is praying our 5 salats, but what happens when we genuinely forget or miss it because we were in the middle of something? By having apps that send you notifications to your phone, it will be easier to keep track of your prayers and to remind you of prayer times. They also play the Athaan if you allow your settings to do so.

4.Cleanse Your Body - just like you plan to cleanse your mind. I have already talked about the many great effects of celery juice, but you can also juice other fruits or veggies. I recently bought a new juicer The Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer, but there are cheaper great alternatives like the Amazon best seller by Aicok. If you want more information on celery juice, definitely check out the man who made celery juice the great discovery it is today, Medical Medium also known as Anthony Williams’ book on celery juice.

5.What I’m Reading - For everyone trying to start a social media channel or an online business but are too scared or don’t know where to start, I highly recommend checking out Crushing It by Gary Vanderchuck  he also has an amazing podcast called The GaryVee Audio Experience where he gives out amazing tips and talks to new entrepreneurs as well as established CEOs. 

And those are my 5 random and interesting tidbits of the week. Make sure you stop by every Friday for another drop of my 5 Bullet Friday posts!