5 Pin Fridays – 02/14/2020 What’s Happening This Week


Welcome to this week’s edition of 5 Pin Friday! Every Friday, I post an exclusive blog post with the 5 coolest things I found, I'm doing, or quote I’m pondering that week. It could also include exclusive giveaways or a chance to interact with me, books, gadgets, articles, new hacks or tips, and - of course - all sorts of random stuff I dig up around the world.

What I’m Focusing On

My positive mental health! I took a Wellness Day this week to stay home and just take a moment to relax and enjoy doing things I love. I was able to sleep a little longer, play with my son, and work on my business. I used my Alexa to play ocean sounds in the background when I was doing some online work and it made up for the wintery snow outside. No matter how strong-willed you are as a person, everyone needs to take a step back once in a while and just be in the moment. Burnout is not something that should be taken lightly, and once you notice yourself getting to that point, I encourage you to raise the white flag and just take a day. That one day away from your workplace can result in more productivity when you are rejuvenated and back at work.  

What I’m Doing

We all know the joys of going to Sephora and buying whatever makes us happy in that moment, and realize the $70+ total wasn’t worth it a week later, and find ourselves running back for something equally as expensive. *Guilty* One thing I’ve been trying to do lately is use everything I already have in my bathroom drawers. Needless to say, I found more than 5 moisturizers barely used and eye shadow palettes I haven’t even used. To help see all my products infront of me so I don't forget what I have, I purchased an organizer to put in my bathroom so I can have everything on display. So now I’m making it a priority to finish every product to the best of my ability before making a run back to Sephora. Wish me luck!

What I Found Out:

Deva Curl is in some hot water and I am shooketh! I was actually running out and wanted to re-up. Deva Curl is a hair product line that specializes in curly hair care. Apparently, their products are causing severe hair loss, scalp burning, rashes, and other symptoms.  Concerns about DevaCurl went viral after a social media influencer Ayesha Malik posted a video titled “Why I Stopped Using DevaCurl” on YouTube and it racked 1.7 million views. She was actually a former ambassador for the brand. She stated that she started getting dandruff, experiencing hair loss and her curls were dying. She isn't the only one going through this and there’s a huge class-action lawsuit being put together, so stay tuned for that in the headlines.

What I’m Learning

How to properly layer skincare products. Winter is still upon us - please excuse my frigid frozen fingers as I type this. My skin has been dying for moisture and I needed to learn how to keep it clean but super hydrated during these cold months. I decided to do some research and learned how to properly layer my million skincare products so I could a) actually use what was in my bathroom drawers and b) not damage my skin. Check out the blog post I put together and find out how to properly layer your skincare with 7 quick steps.

Quote I’m Pondering

“Whatever you do, be gentle. People might have forgiven your harsh words but they may never forget how it stabbed their heart at that time!” - Mufti Menk

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That's all for this week, see you next time!