Why You Should Read the Quran During Ramadan and How to Complete it This Month

Photo by Syed Hussaini on Unsplash

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and is when the Quran was revealed. It would only be fitting to be a time when the Quran is read with attention and comprehension.

Ramadan brings about a time filled with love, happiness, and rewards - lots of them! The mere mention of Ramadan brings prayer and Quran to our minds.

Allah (SWT) mentions in the Quran that:

The month of Ramadan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. (Quran 2:185)

The Holy Quran was revealed to us in the month of Ramadan and on the night of Laylatul Qadr. Every single letter of the Quran that is recited hold ten rewards! Now imagine knowing to have this multiplied 70 times! Did you also know By knowing this, it is necessary to know about the essentials in reciting the Quran during Ramadan and easy ways to complete it.

Photo by Syed Hussaini on Unsplash

Nowadays our spare time (if we ever have any!) is filled with social media, Netflix, and other non-extracurricular activities. Time is never enough for anyone, and most people hardly find time to read the Quran. However, Ramadan brings the best opportunity to bring us closer to Allah (SWT) through Quran. Reciting the Quran serves as a good study and contemplation over the wise words of Allah (SWT). While the Arabic speaking Muslims can seek the help of Tafsir, those who do not speak Arabic can read or listen to an authentic translation of Quran.

It is mentioned in the Quran that:

[This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded. (Quran 38:29)

5 Easy Steps to Consider to Help You Complete the Quran During Ramadan

The Quran may look like it’s a lot to read from cover to cover, but it is the most valuable book you will ever need in this life. To make the most of this beautiful month, we put together a few easy tips to get our minds in the right headspace so we can maximize our time.

Have a True Intention to Not Only Read the Quran, but to Complete it During Ramadan

Islam puts value in our intention, or niyaah, and our actions are based on our intentions. If you have the intention to not only recite the Quran or read its translation in the language best for you to understand it, you are already making headway.

By making a goal to complete the entire Quran during Ramadan, you can then make time for this goal and replace unnecessary activities or hobbies you would usually participate in. Remind yourself regularly about your true intention for this goal to help you stay on track.

Make a Plan That Fits into Your Schedule and Write it Down!

It may seem like an impossible task, but this could be due to you comparing your time with someone else’s who seems to have more time to spare than you do. Not everyone has the same day-to-day schedule, so make your own plan that works best for you without stressing yourself out. Write down our anticipated schedule the night before so you can see the things you have to do (go to work, drop off your kids at school, go to class), and see the gaps that are available for you fill in. Schedule in your Quran recitation times so you won’t feel hurried or anxious about the time you are spending on doing so.

You can also make use of a few minutes before and after each obligatory prayer where you are already making time for Allah (SWT). Other good times can be when your kids are napping, on the bus or subway during your daily commutes, or just before you begin iftar preparations.

Revisit your schedule every night before bed or every other day to tweak as needed and see what times worked well and what times can be adjusted.


Read with Comprehension and Contemplation

If you are unable to read or understand Arabic, don’t be too hard on yourself. There are now translations of the Quran in almost every language, Alhamdulillah! You can read each and every verse of the Quran and it’s translation and meaning. By reading with meaning and reciting with understanding, it can make you more appreciative of the beauty of Islam and encourage you to learn more and practice long after Ramadan has passed.


Take Advantage of Every Moment of Ramadan!

During Ramadan, try your best to recite and understand as much of the Quran you are able to daily. This doesn’t mean countless hours per day and it does not serve to be considered a hard task or chore. By realizing the limited time a month has, you can make more time and cut out doing things that are unimportant or that can wait until after Ramadan is over.

Consistency is Key to Making a Habit Stick!

Did you ever hear that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit? Ramadan has 30 beautiful days and this can serve as an excellent time to make healthy habits and discontinue harmful ones. By making your time with Allah (SWT) reading and understanding the Quran daily, you are better able to make time for Allah (SWT) even when Ramadan is over.

Ramadan is a true blessing every year it comes around. It serves as a reminder for everyone to re-focus on good habits and try to end ones that aren’t beneficial. By indulging more in the Quran it can help reconnect our minds and hearts to Allah (SWT). This can be easy for some, but a serious challenge for others. By making a plan best designed for you to help complete the Quran, you are better able to stick to your goal and remain consistent throughout this month. May this Ramadan be your turning point and your best one yet, Ameen!